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CanSat Design Challenge
for Secondary Schools

September, 2023: The CanSat Design Challenge (2023-24 Edition) Begins!

The CanSat Design Challenge is ready to begin! Are you interested in building a small satellite and launching it on a science mission? Then the CanSat Design Challenge is for you!

We will be recruiting teams in September and October (2023) to participate. Contact us for details!



CubeSat Design Challenge
for Universities

June, 2023: Universities of Waterloo and Manitoba Share CubeSat Champion's Trophy!

The CubeSat Design Challenge concluded in early June, with the top prize being shared between the University of Manitoba and the University of Waterloo. Thank you to all of the teams who participated, and a huge thank-you to the amazing staff at the Canadian Space Agency's David Florida Laboratory in Ottawa for their warm welcome - and patience! - to all of the attendees.