Design It. Build It. Launch It.

The CubeSat Design Challenge for Universities

A CubeSat is a fully-functioning satellite, approximately the size of a two-litre carton of milk, and weighing no more than 4kg. In the CubeSat Design Challenge, teams design, build, and test their spacecraft over two years, with educational lectures, hands-on workshop, a comprehensive design review, mentorship from industry professionals, and finally a simulated launch at the Canadian Space Agency's spacecraft test facility in Ottawa.

Please contact us if your university would like to participate!

Current status:

Teams are in the Build phase, preparing for final vibration testing at DFL in late Spring.


The CSDC-6 Requirements document and DIETR are available at:


What is the CSDC All About?

Presentation on soldering for spacecraft at MDA in Montreal.

Team representatives at a workshop at Magellan Aerospace in Winnipeg.

Each team gives a 2.5-hour design review to a panel of industry experts.
Teams receive mentorship and guidance from industry professionals.
Preparing for the launch vibration test.

And sometimes we get to meet people who inspire us!