The Canadian Satellite Design Challenge Management Society (CSDCMS) offers space-themed competitions which advance knowledge and capability in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Management) for Canadian university and secondary school students.


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CanSat Design Challenge
for Secondary Schools

May, 2022: Advanced CanSat Category Launch Campaign Concludes!

The Advanced category launch campaign of the CanSat Design Challenge was held in Lethbridge, Alberta, on April 29 & 30. Although dry conditions prohibited rocket launches, the CanSats were dropped out of a helicopter (thanks to Mike Tams of Black Hawk Helicopters in Taber!). Despite a massive search over what seemed like half of southern Alberta, only one CanSat was successfully retrieved.

Congratulations to Team Zephyr, from Surrey, B.C., for being selected as the team which represent Canada at the European Space Agency's International CanSat Competition! The ESA competition will be held June 20-25 near Bologna, Italy, with representatives from the ESA Member States, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia.

Stay tuned for our Beginner Category launch campaign, currently being planned in Nova Scotia in June.

Team Zephyr (l-r): Vhea He, Jessica Tang, Timothy Cai, David Liu, Kentarou Howard, Brian Zhou.


CubeSat Design Challenge
for Universities

April, 2022: The teams are designing their cubesats. Critical Design Review is in October.

The CubeSat Design Challenge is a competition for teams of university and college students to design and build a 3U CubeSat, a fully-operational satellite which is about the size of a 2 litre carton of milk.

The competition proceeds in a similar manner to an industry-led space mission, and includes hands-on workshops given by space industry experts. The competition concludes with a simulated launch vibration test, and we hope to be able to launch the winning team's satellite into orbit to carry out its science mission.




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